The Health Issues That Every Young People Worry About

There are many health issues that many young people worry about on a daily basis, from weight gain, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and the such. In a study done by schools across the United States kids are only getting around 7 hours of sleep each night when they need 8 or more to be fully functional. This has led to large amounts of stress, lost productivity, sicknesses and weight gain. Kids also don’t have the time anymore to exercise with ACT’s, SAT’s, PSAT’s and a number of other Standardized tests that kids are expected to do well on to get into competitive universities.

There are a number of ways to combat these health issues:

  • Weight gain

Try using social media! Create a social media account on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter and get your story out there (If you need an initial injection of likes/followers and you are one of my many German readers, take a look at this site: Likes Instagram kaufen).

  • Lack of sleep

Try purchasing Melatonin or a magnesium supplement to get your body more acquainted with the earlier sleep times than usual, these will force your body to go to sleep earlier and hence you will get a lot more sleep than you will usually get when being forced to wake up at 7 am in the morning.

  • Lack of exercise

You just straight up need to time yourself better, go on the treadmill whenever possible and walk more, instead of taking an Uber back home, try walking, instead of playing video games, play basketball, instead of playing at home, play a sport of some sorts. There are always lifestyle changes to get better and more plentiful exercise, even without a gym membership or lack of time to go to a gym.