How to Get Rid of Pimples and Have a Healthy Looking Skin

Many people are facing acne and they are in search of some effective tips to get rid of pimples and enjoy a healthy-looking skin. We did come up with some tips that will help you get rid of pimples. You need a proper skin-care regime in order to keep acne at bay.

Follow these simple rituals to remove the pimples from your face:

You can enjoy a flawless skin only when you have no acne on your face. Everything looks good with a fresh face.

Wash your face Before Bed: An entire day out means a layer of dust settles in on your skin by night. Not washing that means you are asking for a breakout. Never forget to wash your face before bedtime.

Rub your Cleaners on your hands first: It is always a good idea to activate the ingredients before they make contact with your skin.

Morning Wash important: Your pillow absorbs your hair products, thus they become in contact with your skin. Getting rid of them in the morning is important.

Exfoliate: The trick is to remove the dead skin and the dirt stuck in the pores. A good way to do that is to exfoliate. Try using products with lactic acids and hydroxy for gentle exfoliation.

Wash your makeup brushes: Makeup brushes are something we use on daily basis. They are bound to attract bacteria and germs; therefore, it is a good idea to clean them every now and then.

Go for Oil-Free Moisturizer: To keep your skin protected and smooth, we suggest you go for an oil-free moisturizer. It is the oil that is causing the acne in the first place.

Go to a Dermatologist: Despite being careful, and trying numerous homemade remedies, you are unable to fix your problem. It is time to consult a professional for help.

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1200 Calorie Diet Breakfast

The formula of weight loss is consuming less calories than you burn. If this one aspect is taken care of sincerely you may start experiencing the weight loss sooner. A 1200 calorie diet definitely helps to lose weight at a faster rate but women following this diet have to be careful. Women wanting to lose weight should not eat less than 1200 calories in a day so it is important that you have a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast ensures that you feel full during the day and also make healthier food choices throughout the day.

To ensure that you eat within the limit of 1200 calories you will have to plan your meals accordingly. It is better you divide the main meals into six smaller meals. You can divide the calories equally for the meals and snacks that you are planning to have to stay within the limit. Allot about 150 calories for the snacks that you want to have for the day. If you are finding it hard to plan your meals to fall within the calorie range you can choose meal programs like Nutrisystem which eliminates the hassle of counting calories or checking portion sizes. Weight Watches is another program which assigns point values to the types of food you eat. Nutrisystem delivers the meals in a prepackaged condition at your doorstep. Whatever plans you may chose from the program, you will be asked to follow Turbo 13 plan in the first month which delivers Turbo Takeoff kit. This kit contains special weight loss foods which are geared to offer quicker weight loss of up to 13 lbs in the first month. To know more details about how Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers differ visit

Sample breakfast recipe of 1200 calorie diet plan


  • one egg
  • one whole grain English muffin
  • half a slice of Swiss cheese

Cook egg in a ramekin that is microwave safe for a scrambled egg or fried egg. If desired you can toast the English muffin. Make layers of egg and cheese over the English muffin to make a sandwich out of it.…