How to Have a Safe and Healthy Luxury Yacht Charter in 2018

This was my family time!

I have always been away on work for the most part of the month and I know how wonderfully well my wife Lisa and three lovely kids manage without me. I know they miss me terribly because I do too and to make up for all the missed family time this year I decided to take them on a holiday of their lifetime.

You should have seen the surprise on their faces!

The moment I announced to them that we were up for a trip on the luxury yacht, my wife and kids were jumping with joy.

My wife’s parents had recently been on a luxury yacht trip and she remembered how sea sick they both were right in the middle of the trip. Also, her daddy had fallen sick with some viral infection and I am sure they did not have as much a great time with so much happening on the health front for them.

So, in between all the excitement, Lisa was paranoid!

We decided to do our bit of research and then check on if the yacht that we were planning complied with all of the requirements. We checked on several websites and finally, we were glad to log on to the perfect site

The site proved to be a useful resource material:

First off, we got the kids vaccinated because we didn’t want them to fall sick on the cruise and two out of the three were anyways due for the prick. The next thing is that we called up the company to check if kid safety was taken care of for instance railings for kid safety and handlebars and safety gates in slippery places on the yacht.

Food was, of course, another major concern but they put it at rest by giving us assurance that kid-friendly food was always a part of the dining area. And guess what won us over? The fact that they even allowed a nanny along! What more can parents who really want some time off ask for!!