How Much Weight Can You Lose On Slim Fast?

Slimfast foods generally include bars, shakes and boosters that help you trim down as they are low in calories. Slimfast also provides low calorie snacks. If you want to lose weight and do not mind lack of variety you can opt for Slimfast plans. The company claims that the dieters can lose from 1 to 2lbs per week when following Slimfast plans. Experts say that the more you work out on the plan the faster you will shed weight. The company claims that after the first week the dieters will be able to start seeing the result.

When you want to follow a diet program, you should always look out for programs that have a long standing in the market and ample success stories. For example, Nutrisystem and Medifast have decades of track record for providing weight loss solutions to people of America in a safe and healthy manner. Nutrisystem provides diet plans for both genders and also people with type-2 diabetes. It is recommended that you get a doctor’s advice when following Medifast program. Nutrisystem mainly focuses on portion control while Medifast provides low calorie meals to offer quick weight loss. As a weight loss program both has advantages and disadvantages which you have to learn before signing up for any of them.

When following Slimfast plan, you will have to replace two meals with shakes and bars. It is recommended that you follow an exercise routine for 30 minutes daily. Eating a 1200 calorie diet every day will provide the required energy to carry out the daily activities. The breakfast and lunch meals are light on you and you will feel that you are not stuffing yourself. The weight loss with Slimfast will be gradual as you will lose from 1 to 2lbs per week. It does not promise any magic weight loss.