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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Kayaking

If you’re planning to go outdoors and do a workout, in order to keep your body well and fit, then kayaking is a nice way to achieve that. Kayaking is more than just a leisure, adventure activity. It’s more beneficial to the health and overall well-being than anyone could possibly think of. This aerobic activity should always be a part of your everyday life. It also improves your mental and social well-being too. Kayaking can’t be learnt in a single day and therefore needs practising. Following are some of the top ten health benefits of kayaking.

Ways By Which Kayaking Could Have A Positive Effect On Your Health

  • It Helps In Losing Weight : It is said that only one hour of kayaking can help you lose about 400 calories. That is less than running or swimming. But you have to keep in mind, normal people cannot swim for hours, while kayaking can easily be done for 3-4 hours.
  • Reduces Stress : If there’s something bothering you for a long time, kayaking can help you relieve that stress and make your mind free again. Aerobic exercises release certain hormones in the body that changes the mood and confidence.
  • Make You Socially Active : Imagine kayaking with your family and friends. You will not only have a great time, but you will also feel happy and energetic, and maybe make your relationships stronger. You can search on Google for getting all the list of the inflatable kayaks.
  • Helps To Mind Keep Clear And Happy : Doing some outdoor activities like kayaking takes your mind off certain things, thereby making you happy and feel very fresh and lively.
  • Workout On The Upper Part Of The Body : As with kayaking you have to move your arms, back and shoulders – this means a lot of back and forth workout for the upper part of the body.
  • Improves The Health Of Your Heart : With kayaking, you have to do a lot of exercises, and that means your heart will pump more blood into various parts of the body. This, in turn, will keep your heart fit and negate any kinds of heart diseases.
  • Helps To Tone Your Legs : Your legs, even though are not visible during kayaking, they certainly help in keeping your body balanced and help during manoeuvring.
  • Increases The Core Muscles Strength : Kayaking helps in shaping up your abs and other parts of the body’s muscles, that are very important.
  • Increases Self Confidence : With kayaking you get the urge to beat your best times, work more hard to be more successful, thereby making you yourself feel good about the things you’re achieving.
  • Helps In Getting Vitamin D : Kayaking in the sun means a lot of Vitamin D penetration in the body. We get almost 80 per cent of our Vitamin D from the sun. So, this is a nice way to obtain that.