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Five Proven Ways Health and Fitness Can Improve Your Sex Life

Looking for ways to improve your sex life? Well, as with most things, it’s much easier said than done, but your sex life can be radically helped by losing weight, in a variety of ways, including increasing sex drive, increasing erectile strength, length of the sex and the pleasure. For these reasons and because of high demand, we’ve created a small list of the five benefits that healthy weight can have on your sex life.

  • Increasing your sex drive

If you are overweight and are male, your fat produces estrogen, estrogen is a harmful hormone for males not only because it increases fat gain and reduces muscle gain but it also impedes sex drive in males. Reducing your weight will reduce this excess estrogen and will make it easier for you to have a high sex drive.

  • Increase erectile strength

Your erection may only be so strong when you are overweight because a large amount of your penis will be covered in the massive fat overhang from your belly. This causes reduced blood flow and will make it harder for you to get harder.

  • Increases the length of the sex
  • Increase the pleasure

As a result of increased physical performance, you’ll go longer in sex before having to quit. This is by far the best benefit of improved health and fitness on your sex life.

  • Reduces the chance of STD infection

Because of your overall health improving, your immune system will be much stronger, as a result of this the chances of you getting an STD will be drastically decreased and it will be much easier for you to prevent an infection.

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