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The Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

Sunlight is the life source of earth. With global warming and pollution at higher level than ever before, the depletion of ozone layer has rendered sun exposure something most of us dread and avoid at any cost possible. But researches indicate people who are not exposed to sunlight sufficiently develop many health issues. The morning sunlight before 9 AM is beneficial to our health.

1.      Produces Vitamin D

One of the most crucial function of sunlight is producing vitamin D, which delivers most of the benefits. When our skin is exposed to sunlight, the melatonin in our skin reacts with the ultraviolet rays and create vitamin D. there are some food sources of vitamin D too, through grains, supplements and milk, but it is not enough to sustain us. Vitamin D helps calcium absorption in the gut, strengthening bones. It also empowers immunity and reduces inflammation.

2.      Regulates sleep

The circadian rhythm is basically our sleeping and waking cycles, which sunlight exposure helps regulate. a report released in 2013 showed the connections between natural sun exposure and a healthy circadian cycle. People who are exposed to more natural light are prone to get better sleep and find falling asleep easier. They also wake up fully rested and more energized than their counterparts who are exposed to more artificial light instead.

3.      Reduces risks of cancer

Even though sunlight exposure is certified as the leading cause of skin cancer, studies also show that people who are exposed to sunlight less than the minimum required amount are open to a higher risk of cancer due to lack of vitamin D3. So, grab a good ratcheting wrench set, and work outdoors instead of in your garage or home offices all day.

4.      Defends against chronic disease

Sunlight exposure protects us from chronic illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, MS, infections, arthritis and Lyme’s disease.…