3 Side Effects of Ritalin (Methylphenidate Hcl) on the Body

Ritalin named drug is a cure for Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder. Methylphenidate HCl is the pharmacologically active substance in this drug. It belongs to the class of piperidines.

Ritalin is a drug which has a similar effect as other CNS stimulants like Methamphetamine.

It acts on the brain to cause chemical changes which lead to various kind of side effects. It also affects the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system.

The main side effects of Ritalin are:

Agitation and Irritability: One of the adverse effects of Ritalin is that it causes an increased sense of anxiety and irritability in an individual. It is due to the increased adrenaline release in the brain which is mediated by the substance contained in this drug. It also causes nervousness and dry mouth. Sometimes, it also plays with the emotions of the patient and causes reactions to normal things because the patient feels emotionally labile.

Palpitations: Another effect that you may face when you are on Ritalin is palpitations caused by increased heart rate. It is due to the boosting of heart function by adrenaline. Increased blood pressure may also result in some instances.  When the extra adrenaline in the blood acts upon the cardiac muscles, it causes the heart to beat more rapidly and forcefully. This effect was also noticed in a research by Ontario DrugRehabs.

Blurred Vision: A drug-related effect of Ritalin is blurred vision. It may be accompanied by a double vision in some cases. Others may feel absolutely normal vision. The substance in Ritalin can cause the lens to be dilated. It causes blurred vision, especially decreased ability to see far objects.

The patients who are taking this drug need to be monitored and reviewed for the appearance of these side effects so that drug concentration could be altered accordingly.